How much trouble can one robot and five girls get into...?  



Screaming down the skyways on his six place Harley Turbo comes Captain Robot, pride of the new Federal Police Force (In an age when conventional humans and their frailties are banished from law enforcement for the safety of all) and assisted by his quintet of identical blonde bombshell amazons, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Test tube babes with nerves of steel, genetically cloned, athletically honed, following their mechanical leader into dangerous new adventures to save Society...

Set in the near future in an age when all the hot-button issues of today are even hotter, from crime, terrorism and immigration to technology, Captain Robot and his All Girl Storm Troopers is a hip, humorous and action-packed spoof of shows about special agents and super-cops solving mysteries, stopping crimes, thwarting evil-doers and protecting America from super-villains. It takes a satirical look at where we may be heading if current trends continue.




 Created and written by Gary Alan Ruse, author of five published novels and numerous stories in magazines and anthologies*, as well as hundreds of stories in newspapers.


 Bold Sci-Fi...Bolder satire...

 Captain Robot and his All Girl Storm Troopers --


 Download the picture and spec-sheet on Captain Robot's Stretch Harley by clicking here.

 (Note: the Stretch Harley is of course purely fictional, based on the fact that most police forces use Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

 See the best of the real Harleys by clicking here to go to )

 Copyright (c) 2008 Gary Alan Ruse

 Registered with WGA East

  Representation by Mark Pavlovich / Agency / Direct line: 714-749-2532



 *("Houndstooth" and "A Game of Titans," published in hardcover by Prentice-Hall,

 "The Gods of Cerus Major," published in hardcover by Doubleday, and

 "Morlac: The Quest of the Green Magician" and

 "Death Hunt on a Dying Planet," paperback originals by NAL/Signet Books)







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