The perfect book for lovers of mystery...and history...

Murder in Deer Park book cover 

A wonderful historical mystery!

Join President Grover Cleveland and his young bride as their
resort honeymoon is interrupted by murder and intrigue, forcing
the appealing couple to become detectives and solve the crime!


The year is 1886 and Grover Cleveland, 22nd President of the United States,

has at age 49 taken a bride, the lovely 21 year old Frances Folsom.

Married in the White House itself they have raced by swift carriage,

with meddlesome reporters trailing their every move, to take a private

train to the isolated Victorian mountain resort in Deer Park, Maryland,

where they hope to share a wonderful honeymoon.


But, unbeknownst to them, besides the annoying presence of the press,

there are dastardly schemes afoot and the suspicious death of one of

the reporters complicates things for the happy couple, forcing them

to investigate the mystery with the help of the police

and others guarding them.


Written by Gary Alan Ruse, author of five published novels

("Houndstooth" and "A Game of Titans," published in hardcover by Prentice-Hall,

"The Gods of Cerus Major," published in hardcover by Doubleday, and

"Morlac: The Quest of the Green Magician" and

"Death Hunt on a Dying Planet," paperback originals by NAL/Signet Books)

and numerous stories in magazines and anthologies,

as well as more than a thousand newspaper stories

for Miami's Community Newspapers and the old Miami News.


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